My name is C Love, as I’m sure you have already figured out, I’m a mother of four and I have ADD.  I have experience working in the healthcare industry for a brief period but mostly I have worked with children. Mostly the ones that are age challenged for the public school experience. My mother ran a daycare out of our home for most of my young life(till I was 17), I have also worked at a couple different daycare centers and have even ran one out of my home for a brief time. I really do like working with kids, its the parents not so much. They expect so much out of you but most don’t want to work with you.

Any who, my interest rang from so many different things it all depends on what mode I’m in I guess.  I have a great interest in redoing furniture(painting them in bold colors) opening a daycare again,photography, graphic design, and of course writing hence the new blog. That’s just to name a few.

I started reading up about starting a blog and they all say that you need a niche, but I’m not sure what my niche is cause well as somebody with ADD my niche changes with the wind hopefully it wont get to confusing.


Lots of Love

C Love


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