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The Pursuit of Happiness


I was checking up on twitter and I was getting a bunch of messages coming in from the AP about the Federal courts over turning the DOMA and prop8. I also checked out some websites, reading peoples comments and some people saying their running the sanctity of marriage. What?! What sanctity of marriage? 40% of marriages end in divorce with 20 million kids live in a single parent home. There is no sanctity of marriage left.

And then I came across a comment that really made me mad from Tim Wildmon from the American Family Association http://bigstory.ap.org/interactive/gay-marriage

Was quoted saying that our country was founded on biblical principles. Well I’ll give you some like the part where is says thou shall not kill and steal seems pretty big so I guess will let you keep those but it does seem pretty common sense now.

But the pilgrims came here to get away from religious prosecution and our fore fathers found this country on justice and equality and the separation between church and state. Did you get that last part THE SEPERATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE!!! 

Everybody has the right to the pursuit of happiness it’s our l right, our forefathers had gotten that right and it doesn’t matter what race you are, what gender you are, what country you were born in and definitely not what REALIOUG you are or are not for that matter or what sexual orientation you are. The point is it doesn’t matter who you are or what you are it’s that we are all Americans and we are in this together.

Why is it that there is way too many senators and congressmen and governors and mayors whoever else in a public seat that just doesn’t understand SEPERATION BETWEEN CHURCH AND STATE. Your religion is your religion so go live your life how you think you so should, but that doesn’t mean that you have to enforce it on anybody else. Stop being so noise into other people’s lives. Stop forcing it down our throats!

The majority of these people that are so against same sex marriage are also the same people that are against abortion and also the same people who look down on those single mothers that are on welfare. You don’t want them to abort the baby even though they can’t afford it so they end up on welfare but you don’t want to support that either so the alterative for those women instead of abortion is adoption. Did you ever stop to think who is adopting those babies? The gays and lesbians! Have you ever stop and thought that maybe its Gods way of giving those children homes they otherwise wouldn’t have?

Same sex relations have been around since the dawn of time it’s just more talked about and more wildly accepted now. Your religion is old and out dated. And I would like to let you in on something, this might come as a shock to you but the bible was written my man, not God, not Jesus, but man and man is not infallible and man also has free will, the will to change things as he sees fit to his agenda which he did in the bible oh and also omit books and testaments from the bible which he did. Do your homework.

Also I have a question, if the bible is the end all be all of God’s word then why is their different versions of the bible? And why are their different religion’s based from the same thing?

It seems to me like you can’t even keep it straight, seems to me to be like the game telephone who’s to say anyone is right any more.

My point, Tim Wildmon, is that bringing religion into it is a bad argument and I want to say Congratulations to the whole LGBT community!  This win is a big step forward and stay strong, the fight is not over yet.

So This July 4th while your celebrating with your husband or wife may it be your first, second or even third marriage, and your kids, step kids, adoptive kids or even foster kids, however blended or even not blended your family is just right remember we celebrate this day because Americans came together for one cause, THAT ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL AND ITS THEIR GOD GIVEN RIGHT FOR LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS!!!!

C Love

C the Love, Be the Love, Feel the Love


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